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First things first!  Fixing your machine when it breaks down.

Call me (on 01 728 454 484)(+44 1728 454 484) and I'll do what I can. Right now. If it only takes a few minutes or so I won't charge you a penny! If it takes longer, or I need to come and visit you, I'll charge you - after we've agreed the rate.

More details on the Services page (see link above).

Who is the Mac Doctor?

I'm Hugh Browton, and I've been using computers since 1972. I've been using Apple Macintosh computers since just after they came out in 1984. I've spent much of my working career in the computer industry, but not exclusively. I choose to do Apple Macintosh computer support because I like the computers, and I like the people who use them. I've been doing this support work full-time since 2002, and I have built up a client base of almost 700 users.

Some of these clients are independent professionals, business people, many (of course) are in the creative industries, some are academics, some are still at school, and some are retired people "doing their own thing".

I'm good with people, and good with technology (in that order).

I also support iPod, iPhone, iPad, Time Capsule, and Apple TV users. Simple websites and their maintenance; broadband and networking; and some Linux.

For Aldeburgh-local Windows PC support, and other non-Apple technologies support, Phil & Chris Solutions, are local - click here.

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The Mac Doctor - serving clients in Suffolk, London, the UK, and abroad.

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