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The Winter Garden. Munchen

On this page are notes, blogs, requests, petitions, ideas, links, photos, and other miscellany, sent to me by clients for you to have a look at.

4. From CM

I have had trouble losing the letters off the keyboard of my IBook G4. The first time it happened, just over a year after I bought it in 2005, Apple agreed to replace it free. When it did it again, less than a year later and I went back to Apple to suggest that this might be a design or technical fault, the customer services woman I finally tracked down in Ireland said that, considering my machine was out of warranty, the company had been very generous in letting me have a free keyboard the first time, but that they certainly were not prepared to do so again. She offered no explanation as to why the letters have disappeared (e, t, a have gone completely now; i,h,s l,n are barely visible; and r,s,d,h,l are disappearing fast; ditto much of the punctuation. Very soon I shall have a completely blank board!), and I am wondering if I am alone in this affliction?

3. From GdM

An article about Guy de Moubray and his book "Dinner at Eighty" will appear in the Daily Telegraph magazine on Saturday 22 September 2007.

2. From AH

Please listen to Black Watch on Radio 3 or if you miss it you can listen again at


or for my foreign friends you can access it there on Sunday or listen again during the week

1. From JR

Please would you consider looking at this website that my dear beachbummy son has done, posting a comment and then maybe telling your friends and neighbours and relatives about it. It is


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