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0. No viruses, no pop-ups, no spyware!

One of the most attractive and, to PC users, surprising things about Apple Macintosh computers is that they do not suffer from viruses, pop-up ads, nor spyware. Also, modern Apple computers, running OS X (pronounced "System 10") have a very good firewall, preventing un-authorised access to your machine, "straight out of the box". So you will not need to spend money on additional software to control this malware.

1. Buying from the Apple Store

Apple have made me an Apple Affiliate Consultant (I think that's the title) , which means that if you buy your equipment (anything they sell) from Apple directly, then you will get a discount of between 3 to 10%. I will get a small commission (1% at present). To get these discounted prices, follow the instructions on this page

2. Hardware

The Mac Doctor only deals with and works on Apple Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. I will help you move your files and settings from a Windows-based PC to an Apple computer, and I have been known to make sure that client PCs are working with the Apple Macintosh computers I install, over a network, for example. All computing hardware I supply is either from Apple Computer Inc., or peripherals compatible with Apple Macintosh computers. Peripherals (and the rare computer) are bought on behalf of the client - I act as agent. But I will do all I can to make sure that the system works for you. Apple make desktop machines and laptops, for consumers and for professional users. Most computing needs are met by an iMac, or a MacBook, or now an iPad. More demanding users may need a MacBook Pro laptop, or even the big Mac Pro (under the) desktop computer. But there are no hard and fast rules. I will ensure that you get the best machine for your needs.

3. Software

Apple Macintosh computers are capable of doing very nearly everything that can be done by a PC - and almost always more elegantly, more reliably, and more engagingly. There are a very few cases where a program has been written for the PC platform only, and increasingly there are ways of making sure that the Apple Macintosh user can run those programs (using Parallels, Boot Camp, or other technologies). Software is also bought on behalf of the client. Again, I will do my best to ensure that the "right" software is bought for your needs. If it can be done with shareware, then I'll download it, and pay the fees on your behalf.

4. Networking

Apple Macintosh computers are very easily networked, and are very easy to connect to the internet, for example to ADSL-based broadband, and to each other.

5. Items for Sale

As a result of clients upgrades, of projects which haven't happened, or sometimes just good deals, I have a number of things available for sale. Have a look here.

The Mac Doctor - serving clients in Suffolk, London, the UK, and abroad.